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High-frequency radio technology! This is the engine of Inxpect, a great company from Brescia.  
The products are based on smart FMCW radar that cores working in the ISM 24GHz band, license-free worldwide for indoor and outdoor applications. Sensing cores realized by Inxpect provide a low cost, yet technologically superior alternative to any other optical or radio-based motion sensors, thanks to Inxpect's proprietary hybrid analog+digital signal processing chain! 

 - Dedicated, industry standard crypto co-processor in every communication board 
 - Intrinsic security of radar

Focus on Industrial Safety

LBK SYSTEM: the new technology that offers superior security protection without compromising productivity and efficiency.

safety radar sensors

LBK is the innovative radar system with active protection and certified SIL2/Pld, designed to monitor dangerous areas of a machinery. 

Main functions:
Detection Function: it places the machinery in safe conditions when someone enters the dangerous area. 
Restart Function: it inhibits the restart of the machinery if there are operators in the dangerous area. 

 The system is immune to optical disturbances like smoke, dust, shavings, machining waste, splashes.

LBK-C22 control unit


The system control unit can connect up to six LBK-S01 smart sensors. Intervention of any single sensor results in the deactivation of the controller’s safety output. It is easy to configure the sensitivity settings, warning level and hazardous areas, as well as the auxiliary functions of the output relay. 

Movement sensors


This sensor is a smart FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar device based on proprietary Inxpect detection algorithms. The sensor sends 24GHz radio waves and recovers motion information, analyzing the returned signals reflected by both static and moving objects in the operative range. 
The communication with the controller is via Can bus.

industrial safety


The application allows the configuration and monitoring of the system, including the generation of the system configuration report and log download. Combining more sensors in the system, the maximum depth of the monitored area could be 4m (13ft). With six sensors aligned and an inter-sensor distance of 2.5m (8.2ft), the system can cover an area 15m (49ft) wide.


Robot automated areas

Hazardous machinery

Packaging machinery

Food and beverage industry

Material handling equipment

Special machine construction


The ISC-B01 control unit can monitor up to 6 Inxpect sensors and, thanks to its Ethernet connection, it can also be configured remotely using the Inxpect Safety software.
This control unit is equipped with a safety fieldbus, which allows the connection between the control unit and the PLC that monitors the machine so as to be able to exchange complex information such as the real-time position of the operator and allow fast integration. with the Fieldbuses present on the machinery.
In addition, it is possible to set up to 32 configurations of the detection area which can be modified in real time.

Inxpect LBK System: safety of industrial mobile vehicles

Inxpect LBK System: continuous prevention

Inxpect LBK System: system crane safety

Inxpect LBK System: access protection